Top 6 New Orleans Courtyards

New Orleans has some of the most unique, hidden courtyards perfect for hosting a wedding or event.  We are always excited to shoot a wedding at a new courtyard we didn't know existed and below are just a few of our favorites!

1. Race + Religious

Race + Religious is full of gorgeous textures and dreamy streams of light making it a cinematographer's ideal shoot location.  We love all of the brick walls, antique pieces, and mysterious paintings.  There are many different ways you may want to utilize Race and Religious.  Some couples host both their ceremony and reception at the venue, while others use it only for one or the other.  It is also a great place to get ready for your wedding day.  Riki and James' Bride Film below includes beautiful prep footage from Race + Religious, as well as their fun reception under the stars!

2. Il Mercato

Il Mercato looks like it was plucked straight out of a small town in Spain and dropped onto a fun area of Magazine Street.  It's white stucco walls provide a clean, modern scene for any wedding.  Did we mention that Joel Catering handles all of your food needs?!  DELICIOUS.  Joel comes up with both creative and yummy food options for any style wedding.  Sarah and Brian's sweet Bride Film below highlights all of the wonderful aspects of Il Mercato!

3. Chateau LeMoyne

The newly renovated Chateau LeMoyne is a great spot for your ceremony and reception.  Brittany and Johnathan's wedding below is one of our all time favorites!  They held their ceremony in the courtyard, then second lined around the French Quarter with their guests, while the hotel seamlessly flipped the courtyard space for their reception.  The vines growing down the brick walls were a great backdrop for both their vows and group photos.  Conveniently located in the French Quarter, Chateau LeMoyne is a perfect spot for your guests to also explore the city during your wedding weekend.   

4. The Pharmacy Museum

The Pharmacy Museum stands as the entrance to a hidden gem of a courtyard right in the middle of the French Quarter.  Once you walk through the historic old pharmacy, you'll exit out into a beautiful courtyard dripping with greenery and florals.  The courtyard is cozy, so it's perfectly suited for small, intimate weddings like in Becky and Tom's emotional Bride Film below.

4. The Ritz Carlton

The Ritz Carlton is not only one of our favorite hotels in the city, but it is also home to one of the most beautiful courtyards in New Orleans.  First of all, your guests will have to walk through the Ritz' lobby which is home to one of our favorite scents.  Yes, you read that correctly...scents.  The Ritz smells AMAZING.  We buy a candle every time we shoot here...make sure to stop by their gift shop and pick up the gardenia scented candle.  Back to why the courtyard's flowing fountain and lush greenery make this a tranquil setting for your vows like in Melissa and William's Bride Film below.

5. The Beauregard Keyes House

The Beauregard Keyes House is not only a gorgeous historic landmark in the French Quarter, but situated behind the home is the cutest little courtyard.  We had so much fun at Laurie and David's wedding below.  Everyone danced the night away under the string lights and stars!

6. The Elms Mansion

We love the location of the historic Elms Mansion perfectly situated on St. Charles Avenue in uptown New Orleans.  We have seen the courtyard used in many different ways, so you will have lots of options when planning your wedding here.  We have to say we are big fans of the streetcar and love that you and your guests will see and hear it moving by throughout your event.  The unique history of the mansion will give your guests a taste of our city's culture.