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In case you need a quick emotional film break before reading reviews, watch all of our favorite Father Daughter moments below! Grab the tissues!

Watch Laura and John's Bride Film  HERE .

Watch Laura and John's Bride Film HERE.

From Laura, Our Bride Film Bride: "The Bride Film crew are absolutely brilliant at what they do. Their work stood out to me above anyone else I looked at for my wedding. Their thoughtful consideration of what moments were most important to us as well as their artistic vision blew us away! I am so utterly happy to have such a wonderful day captured so perfectly. They were also such wonderful and professional people! I will recommend them to anyone and everyone I know!"

Watch Holly and Dale's New Orleans French Quarter Bride Film  HERE .

Watch Holly and Dale's New Orleans French Quarter Bride Film HERE.

From Holly & Dale, Our Bride Film Bride & Groom: "We simply can't say enough overwhelmingly positive things about BrideFilm, MaryClare and Chris as well as the rest of their team! They are truly the most talented in the industry, in addition to being such kind people! The investment we made with them is without a doubt worth every penny and more, and we enthusiastically give them the very highest level of praise and endorsement possible! Dale and I are so grateful that we have been blessed with this unexpected gift of love and companionship and were so happy to celebrate with so many loved ones on our special day. It made perfect sense to us to recruit the help of BrideFilm to capture our day in such a special way. MaryClare and Chris blended right in with our families and friends throughout all the events of the day and captured everything so beautifully. At times we could barely tell they were there due to the fact that they are so discreet about their filming....this takes real talent! Our only regret is that we didn't get to spend more time with them on our day because they were working so hard behind the camera to capture every moment so beautifully! They have become part of our family and we can't wait to watch all of their future work as it's just so beautiful and creative. Bravo BrideFilm, MaryClare, Chris, and BrideFilm's entire team! We will cherish these memories you captured so magnificently for the rest of our lives. Can we be the President and VP of the BrideFilm fan club?! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

Watch Tanya and Conor's Marigny Opera House Bride Film  HERE .

Watch Tanya and Conor's Marigny Opera House Bride Film HERE.

From Meryt, Our Bride Film Mother of the Bride: "Bride Film was amazing! We hired them for our daughter's wedding last May to take video and super 8 film. They did the most incredible job. The film was of such high quality and seamlessly edited, blending the two modes of film. We were thrilled to share it with our friends and family who loved it so much that they shared it with their friends and family! We even had comments from people who did not know my daughter and her husband saying how emotional it had made them feel after watching the film! Bride Film was professional, easy to get along with, delivered the film on time, and we were barely aware of their presence during the wedding.

Having a film brings back the true feelings of the wedding day much more than photographers could ever do.
We highly recommend Bride Film and could not have been happier."

Watch Taylor and Jack's Bride Film  HERE .

Watch Taylor and Jack's Bride Film HERE.

From Taylor, Our Bride Film Bride: "Bride Film sets the standard for wedding cinematography. They deliver true art! MaryClare, Chris and the Bride Film team so beautiful captured the most precious moments from our magical weekend. Not only does our film remind us of what happened on our wedding weekend, but our Bride Film reminds us of how we felt. My husband and I have a renewed love for each other every time we hit play on our video. We cannot thank Bride Film enough for their hard work before, during and after our wedding. We would recommend them over and over again!!"

Watch Jacqueline and Michael's Bride Film  HERE .

Watch Jacqueline and Michael's Bride Film HERE.

From Jacqueline, Our Bride Film Bride: "Echoing the sentiments of many brides before, I was unconvinced I needed a videographer. My sisters implored me, however, and in the ninth hour, I found Bride Film. I am so grateful for the beautiful work they did. From my very first correspondence with them, they were unwaveringly professional - Chris called me in a timely manner and addressed all my questions/concerns and his website provided a comprehensive showcase of his and his own love's work (they are a husband/wife team- keeping it in the fam!). On the day of the wedding, he was a quiet, calming presence, able to capture the more candid moments between me and my husband that may have been forever lost had he not been there. Most importantly, though, the TRAILER. It is invaluable. Their editing and song choice captured the mood of our wedding and puts me right back there when I watch it. It has moments I had no idea he was present for (he is stealth!). The quality of the work is so high that I have had friends who are professional editors demand to know who made it. Simply one of the best investments we could have made."

Watch Rachel and Glenn's St. Louis Cathedral Bride Film  HERE .

Watch Rachel and Glenn's St. Louis Cathedral Bride Film HERE.

From Glenn, Our Hilarious Bride Film Groom: "You're Engaged! Yay! Congratulations! Everyone's crying! The ring is beautiful! Champagne pops! Let's start planning! What are your colors going to be?!? Who are your bridesmaids going to be?!? Blah!!! Blah??? Blah?!?.....aaaand STOP! Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Now open your eyes. Before you do anything else, you need to pick up the phone, call Bride Film, and see if they are available on the date that you would like to have your wedding.

Question - "But what about booking a venue for my ceremony and reception?...shouldn't I do that first?"

Answer - NOPE...the FIRST thing you do is book Bride Film...and then you find venues that are available on the dates that Bride Film is available.

Question - "Well what about my wedding budget...shouldn't I wait and see if I have enough money to book a first class videographer like Bride Film?"

Answer - NOPE...the wedding budget doesn't even begin until AFTER you book Bride's that important.

Question - "What makes Bride Film so great?"

Answer - We watched hundreds of wedding videos, from just about every videographer in Louisiana. Seriously, I'm not exaggerating, we watched HUNDREDS...and my head still hurts just thinking about it. We even thought about booking a videographer out of Houston, Texas. But in the end, there was just no comparison. Bride Film had the most impressive, detail oriented, magically edited wedding videos we could find. And the more videos we watched from Bride Film, the better they got. They're simply the best.

Question - "Is having a videographer at your wedding even necessary?"

Answer - If it's Bride Film...YES! 100%! We all know having a photographer is a must, but having Bride Film is equally as important. This isn't your Uncle Bob with his camcorder. These are artists (seriously, the people at Bride Film are crazy talented and were born to do this...and their work shows it). Pictures can't compare to the unforgettable, action packed, special moments that only Bride Film can capture. They will create a masterpiece of memories that will last longer than a lifetime...they'll be in your family forever.

Question - "What are you going to name your first born child?"

Answer - Bride Film."

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"Hi guys, the Bride Film team was extremely professional and easy to deal with, both on the day and leading up to the event. The wedding video they created was fantastic. My wife couldn't believe how beautifully shot it was. Couldn't recommend them more highly for anyone looking for a videographer."