Why You Need A Wedding Video

Why should you hire a professional wedding filmmaker? This is why.

I know I am biased, but humor me for a minute.  Years from now, your children and grandchildren, or nieces and nephews will cherish your wedding film.  They will cherish your film perhaps even more than you will.  They will be transported back to this monumental moment in your life.  They will see AND hear you, even after you're no longer with them.  They will experience the love that is literally the reason they exist.

Today is our parents' 31st wedding anniversary.  

Last year, for their big 30th Anniversary, we four kids (Natalie, Meredith, Joe and I) put together the below video to celebrate their 30 years of marriage.  We have been meaning to share it all year, but life happens, time got away from us and all of the sudden, WOW it's June 14, 2017.  Here we are. Another. Year. Later.  As you will see and hear, it's not a cinematic masterpiece, but to our family, it's priceless.  

This video exemplifies why wedding videos (or wedding films as we call them these days) matter.  

Upon watching this, I am transported back to Mary and Jerry's wedding day: June 14, 1986.  I experience the nerves and excitement my parents were experiencing.  I smile with them as they smile through group photos with our loved ones.  I feel proud with my grandparents as they look on while my parents say their vows.

We also included clips from family home videos spanning the past 3o years.  I guess one could say that Joe and my love for video and photography stemmed from our mom.  As you will see throughout the video, she filmed everything.  The woman must have always had a camera in her hand!  Years later, I find myself sharing this quality.

I fully believe sometimes you just need to be present in the moment (especially in this wild age of smart phones)...

...however, at least sometimes, capturing these special moments is invaluable.  I love watching this video because I travel back in time to our family vacations, birthdays, regular dinners, and holidays.  What I love the most is hearing our voices and laughter...and watching our hairstyles and clothing transition through the years.  I am able to spend time (if you will) with loved ones we miss so much.  Now, as we watch our nieces and nephews (and our pup, Bacchus) growing and changing at lightening speed, I am further reminded to document the people I love.

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We often hear couples regret not having a wedding film or not budgeting for a professional filmmaker.  

Unfortunately, wedding films sometimes fall last on the wedding priority list.  As much as this saddens me, I know weddings are expensive.  But at the end of the day, your wedding celebration is going to FLY by.  With a professional, you'll be able to relive the day in the most authentic way possible.  You'll hear the rehearsal dinner speeches, you'll watch your groom's tears fall as you walk down the aisle, and you'll dance with your grandma one more time.  

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