Top 5 Tips from Your Filmmakers Point of View

1. Get Ready for Your Wedding at the Same Location.

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You'll get more out of your wedding film (and photo) coverage if you get ready in the same location as your partner on the wedding day. We know this isn't always possible, but it might make your life a little easier!  Creating a timeline for your wedding day will be one of the most important tasks you tackle in the planning process.  As you're scheduling, you'll notice that if everyone is spread out across the city, a lot of your time will be spent traveling.  Wouldn't you rather be relaxing and chatting with your loved ones?  This is going to be the best day ever, so you want to get the most out of your time!

Regardless of where everyone is, we promise we are going to comprehensively cover all of the special moments for your wedding film!  We pride ourselves on always capturing both sides of the wedding day prep; however, you might also save money on transportation to the ceremony location if everyone is at least near each other.  Side note: having a wedding coordinator is super helpful and efficient in accomplishing this task...but that's a topic for another day. 


2. Write a Good Old Fashioned Letter to Your Partner.

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If you have a minute, write each other a simple note on your wedding day.  You don't have to spend more money on presents if you don't want to; notes are free!  A few words from each other to read before your ceremony will help calm you and bring you into the mindset that you are about to marry each other (holy smokes!).  You'll remember what the entire celebration is truly about: the two of you officially becoming a family.  Not only will writing a quick note give you a second to relax, but reading the note from your partner will be an emotional moment you'll cherish.  Check out our this tearjerker of a letter exchange from Amanda and Hayden's Bride Film.


3. Have your Wedding Cinematographer Film Your Rehearsal Celebration.

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Down here in the South, we often share toasts at the rehearsal dinner, instead of the wedding reception.  If your loved ones will be speaking at your rehearsal dinner, then have the event filmed!  Trust us, the entire weekend is going to go by in a blur.  You won't be able to remember all of the kind words, funny stories, and sweet toasts to your love.  It's not every day that all of your favorite people stand up to say how amazing you are and reminisce about past shared memories.

If you're giving speeches at your reception, great!  Make sure to communicate to your photographer and videographer when they're going to happen.  We want to be prepared to capture them.  Remind anyone who is going to speak (at least the leaders) that using the microphone is crucial to capturing the speeches on film.  It's not just to project the sound for your guests...this is how we capture some of the most unique and compelling audio to tell your story throughout your film and preserve for you for years to come.  My dad even addressed future generations as their great-grand father in his toast.  Let's be real, the tears were flowing all around.

4. Share Your Love Story.

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Speaking of story, we want to know yours!  Don't be shy...share every detail you can think of with us.  Our favorite part of our job is meeting new people and couples, and learning what makes them happy and in love.  We'll send you our pre-wedding questionnaire where you'll be able to share most of the details with us; however, on the wedding day, we may ask you more about you.  We want to create the most unique film for you...a film you'll be able to show your kids in twenty years to explain your crazy first date or the way you got engaged.

5. Create Time for You.

We know you want to get to the me, we love to dance and pop champagne too.  But this is your wedding day!  First of all, you look're in the outfits you spent months choosing for just this ONE day.  Let's document this beauty!  Set aside time to take some portraits...even if it's only 20 minutes.  Your photographer will capture some of the best photos you have together and your cinematographers will be able to capture romantic, intimate moments that will complete your film.

We'll never forget the private time we had together on our wedding day.  It was just a few minutes, but quietly watching the sunset on the beach and soaking in the magnitude of the day was one of our favorite wedding moments.