Katie & Rudy // Bride Film // Audubon Clubhouse Wedding Video

May has been a super fun crazy busy month, and we wouldn't have it any other way!  We have been shooting and editing TONS, so we have lots of pretty to share with you all summer.  Can't wait!  Once you watch this film, you'll quickly understand the contagious enthusiasm that is Katie & Rudy.  These two not only look like movie stars, but party like ROCK STARS.  Make sure to check out the story about how they first met below...it's too cute and too fun.  Happy Thursday night!  

from katie & rudy:

"It was a dark, dark time. Literally. The lights and AC had been out for 2 days. Hurricane Gustav had hit Baton Rouge and no ice chest was spared. A feast was planned to empty the deep freezer. Ribeyes, redfish, and backstrap were on the grill. Formal invitations were received by both parties. Eating in the dense heat as the sun set, a loud humming was heard in the kitchen. THE DAIQUIRI MACHINE!! A Daiquiri-Dance Party ensued, with the AC at full blast, and the two sweaty strangers showed off their “dance” moves. Despite the appearance of Henry (aka Rudy), Katie was hooked. As everyone says, 'All good things start at Hurricane Parties.'"