megan & marc

immaculate conception & roosevelt // new orleans, La

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  • Bride Prep // The Roosevelt
  • Groom Prep // The Roosevelt
  • Ceremony // Immaculate Conception Jesuit Church
  • Reception // The Roosevelt
  • Planning & Coordination // Tying the Knot, Elyse Skansi
  • Videography // Bride Film
  • Photography // Mark Eric 
  • Reception Band // Bucktown All-Stars

From Megan:

"Well, I was proposed to under the impression that I was getting dessert. I went over to Marc’s house after work on a Thursday night. He had just finished working out, and I was tired, so we decided to order a pizza. I was sitting on the sofa (and didn’t notice him pacing back and forth behind me) when he told me that he has a gift for me in the fridge. Now, because Marc knows of my love for desserts, he sometimes would tell me that he had a gift for me in the fridge, and it would be my favorite ice cream. So, him telling me that “he had a gift for me in the fridge” wasn’t out of the ordinary. Naturally, I popped up off the sofa and skipped toward the fridge – I thought for sure he had picked up Chantilly cake from Whole Foods. Well, when I opened the fridge, there was an Aucoin Hart box on the top shelf. He got down on one knee, said some really thoughtful things, and proposed. Needless to say, I never got my Chantilly cake."