Frequently asked questions

We have been in your shoes!  Planning a wedding is an intense process.  We also know your wedding film is going to be a major investment that along with your wedding photos, will be all you have left after the wild celebration is over.  You want to make sure we're a good fit!

Check out some of our clients' most commonly asked questions below to help you navigate this crazy world of wedding films.


What type of cameras do you use?

We are Canon kids through and through.  We have the newest...

Drone Shots Available in all packages?

Will we be mic'ed up?


Yup, we will put a mic on the groom...

Why do you charge Sales Tax?

Arghhhh...this is not fun for us just so you know!  We play by the rules.

How do you pick the music?

How long have you been filming weddings?

Wow! Its been a long time.