.Vimeo is dead.

Hello Bride Film Family,

Yes, Vimeo.com is dead, or at least heading in that direction. They are removing hosted videos illegally and citing music copyright violations. After three “strikes”, they terminate your account. Today (October 19, 2018), Vimeo terminated our account and all 800-ish online videos (wedding and personal) disappeared.

Music Licensing:

As of 2011, we started to license (and spent 10's of thousands) all of our wedding music from NEW platforms like SongFreedom and MusicBed.  Until that time, it was nearly impossible to connect with music publishers.  

BAD NEWS for Video Companies:

Vimeo.com will continue to drive their robots & algorithms through every Vimeo account.  This will affect ALL video companies regardless of proper music license documentation.  We are one of the first to have our account wrongfully terminated and with sufficient warning or a formal appeal process.  The videos that flagged our account were from 2008 when we did a piece for NBC and two "private" wedding films that were hidden.  

GOOD NEWS for You:

HOWEVER, We have all of our videos safely backed up on external media!!! Hooray!!   Moving forward, we will host video from the world's largest video server, YouTube.  You are able to Share your Bride Film via our YouTube page::   https://www.youtube.com/bridefilm 


We HIGHLY recommend downloading your full edits & original files ASAP from your mediazilla link or we will provide a dropbox link.  We are working everyday to get a long term solution.

I’m available with questions any time!

+ via email @ bridefilm@gmail.com

+ my cell @ 504.487.0446

All the Best,

- Chris