Wedding films that make you cry...and us too.


Photo by our great friends at Second Line Photography.

Photo by our great friends at Second Line Photography.

Who are we?

Armed with cameras and coffee in hand, we create captivating films, combining meaningful audio and compelling visuals for YOU: genuine, over the top in love couples.  Our films capture a piece of history that will live in your family for generations to come.

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Bride Film Owner Chris Serio
Bride Film Owner
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Who are you?

  • You're the couple who likes to laugh together and don't take yourselves too seriously.
  • You love vibrant bright colors, but could drink a glass of wine in a peaceful Pottery Barn furnished beach house FOREVER.
  • You value your family and friends, and those who have paved the way for the life you live today.
  • You're modern, but still appreciate tradition and the classics (like a tasty Sazerac and some Frank Sinatra, Gary Clark Jr., or Jon Cleary tunes).
  • You're each other's best friend and are super excited to start the next chapter of your life together.
  • You love dogs or cats as much as we do (#aLOT), or have another pet that tugs at your heartstrings daily (pet Lizard?).
  • You know that your wedding film is not just a documentation of your wedding, but the story of who you are, that will be preserved for generations to come.